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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Ross26/Male/Canada Groups :iconethereal-blueflame: Ethereal-Blueflame
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I am Ross, a hardcore gamer and artist in training. I hope to be as good as some of the great artists here on this site, I am constantly experimenting with my style thus it'll be changing a bit until I am happy with it. I hope you enjoy your stay!

I thank everyone for watching/faving my art. Unfortunately I am a -little- bit forgetful (using that very lightly) so I might not get back to you in a while if you comment, but I will respond I can guarantee that. On that note, I am INCREDIBLY if I fav. and don't comment...don't take it offensively xD;;

Ps3 Online Alias: Black-Mist-Ninja
Xbox Live Alias: T3h R055
Steam Alias: Razmakai
3DS: 0619-4134-0156
FurAffinity: Razmakai
Flight Rising: Razmakai


~To Bee or Not to Bee~ by Razmakai
~To Bee or Not to Bee~
I really felt like drawing a Honeybee Girl one day, and ironically I found out a friend of mine was looking for a character to use as one of their own characters. So I offered to use this character and apparently it was approved so I was extremely happy that they use it as their own with my designs. Makes me feel really honored :) 

Bizzit the Honeybee Girl (c) Razmakai 
Art (c) Razmakai 
~Blissful Shenanigans~ by Razmakai
~Blissful Shenanigans~
A birthday present for a friend DranixParemoon with her OC's Dranix (the cute blonde) and Ryo (the poor blue haired guy in the background getting headshotted by a beach ball), just something silly to brighten the mood on cold days. We had a late spring this year and the snow took forever to melt, almost thought we weren't even gonna have Spring this year :P 

Dranix and Ryo (c) DranixParemoon 
Art (c) Razmakai 
~For Your Eyes Only~ by Razmakai
~For Your Eyes Only~
This is just a fun idea that I came up with for a monster design of a SCP, there seems to be a lot of combinations of different creatures/characters I noticed once I finished it xD 

Name: The Belly Full of Eyes
Class: Keter 
Appearance: This tall, lanky creature stands approximately 9ft tall standing up, about 7ft squatting.  It's skin is a peachy-pale coloration with a translucent pigment, allowing it's veins, organs and even bones to be seen directly underneath it. It's long fingers are strangely jointed, as they can reverse positioning without any harm to itself allowing for very bizarre, fluid movements. They end in extremely sharp blades that're sharper than surgical knives and never seem to dull. It's feet are curved with very sharp tips, however one of their toes on either side resembles a raptors talon with the same blade as it's fingers. It's strange face when closed resembles a vertical cut closed together, but the moment it opens a gaping maw with razor sharp teeth can visibly be seen. It's most distiguishable feature is also it's most weird, on it's abdomen are dozens of twitching/blinking/convulsing eyeballs that all act on their own will. The purpose of these eyes are unknown other than observational purposes. 
Abilities: Outside of combat, it's extremely quiet, peaceful and even elegant...keeping to itself and barely moving other than to observe. However, once it spots someone with's immediately goes into a frenzy towards that target. If there are multiple potential threats it has no problem defending itself, it can release a ear splitting scream from it's maw, inflicting brief paralysis and shock, it will target tendons and weak points on targets to disable them to prevent any further damage or escape, it can even sever it's own hands to allow them to act freely like spiders as it leaps from foe to foe ripping them with it's talons. The detached hands easily sew themselves back to the host as if it never happened. The moment it knows it's safe, the chosen target is pinned and's ritual takes place. The eyes are slowly and carefully removed from the target while they are still conscious inflicting serious pain. Once an eyeball is removed it looks at it some more before immediately consuming it into it's maw, moments later the consumed eye will be assimilated into it's own being and added to the collection along it's abdomen. 

I have no idea if this would even qualify as an official SCP, it would be fun but I don't have high hopes as it was just something fun to do on the sidelines with my demented mind. Hopefully you enjoyed~ 

Art and Creature (c) Razmakai
~Jaded Light~ by Razmakai
~Jaded Light~
Jade: The Battlemaiden of Light
In her hand is a flail made entirely of the Light element which can be manipulated in size, length, and even how many heads appear. Her armor is also composed completely of the Light element, sharing all the advantages and disadvantages the Light element normally would in my world. It also requires sunlight in order to fix itself, and if left in darkness for too'll wither away into nothingness. Her full name is not known, for it was given to the Light Lordess, Asapth as a sacrifice of something very precious to her to become a Battlemaiden of Light (which requires a long list of requirements plus a sacrifice in order to become one) she only goes by her first name. Her ferociousness in battle is none compared, she can bolster her allies with the power of demi-gods and provide healing at great distances...she's more or less the perfect support character~ 

Art (c) Razmakai
Blue Flame (c) Razmakai
~Demon of the Wastes~ by Razmakai
~Demon of the Wastes~
This was inspired by Steph-Roman from her new found love for Fallout and her all time favorite thing, Majora's Mask! The picture is the basis of skull kid with Fallout inspired gear based off samurai-esque armor and a Veteran Rangers cloak. The sick looking sniper rifle in their hand is the Anti-Material Rifle with all mods attached, and a little baby mantis in their right hand...adorable right?! The "no" sign on it's cloak is a anti-ncr symbol, whom it seems to favor killing. 

*Said in three dog's voice* Reports say of a strange, masked wanderer traveling through the wastes. Everyone is recommended to steer clear of this individual at a moments notice, as an encounter with this strange fellow always leads to death. I don't know about you, but this particular individual from the sketch in front of me creeps me the heck out...stay safe kiddo's! This is three dog, giving you all the latest news! Don't feed the Yao-Guai, that is all...

Art (c) Razmakai 
Fallout (c) Bethesda
Majora's Mask/Zelda (c) Nintendo 

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